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Losing a Love One is Hard. Really Hard.

Complicating that situation are the financial challenges, especially if your

loved one was a breadwinner in your household. This module addresses

how to manage final expenses, final medical bills, dealing with a new

budget reality and moving forward financially after loss.

You’ll find an excellent resource guide on saving money with final expenses,

plus videos and articles covering  crisis budgets, managing social security,

life insurance proceeds and other  important topics.

As always, our certified financial coaches are just a phone

call away to help address questions unique to your situation.

Printable Resource Guide:

What To Do Upon The Death of a Loved One


Death & Finances: How to Manage Finances When a Loved One Dies


How Does Social Security Work When a Spouse Dies

When a Relative Dies and You Can't Afford the Funeral

Consumer Reports: Checklist When a Loved One Dies


Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Printable

Instructions - Cash Flow Worksheet

Printable Expense Tracker