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You Don't Expect to Lose Your Job or Become Disabled

Loss of income can come at the most unexpected time. An unemployment or a disability situation

requires a new approach to finances. More than just “cutting back” expenses, it involves

developing a new budget based on a new set of circumstances, whether temporary or permanent.

This approach may involve developing a crisis budget, renegotiating existing debts and

applying for specific assistance programs such as State or Federal Disability, Unemployment or

other local assistance programs to help keep your budget afloat.

Through this module you have access to articles, videos and of course, our team of coaches to talk

things over with you and offer solutions to help you adjust to your new situation.  


How to Create A Crisis Budget

Printable Resource Guide:

Raising Quick Cash


Smart Money Moves to Make After Losing Your Job

Managing the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss

How to Survive When Your Income Drops

Negotiating With Creditors


Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Printable

Instructions - Cash Flow Worksheet

Printable Expense Tracker