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Credit Scores are More Important Than you Think

Your credit score is used for everything from qualifying for a loan, to determining your insurance rates, to even getting hired! Understanding your credit score, making sure it's accurate, and correcting errors are some of the most important concepts covered in this module.

If you are looking to improve your credit score, we can help you with resource guides, videos, articles and expert coaching to help you make progress quickly and effectively. You'll learn whether it's worth it to pay a credit repair company to help improve your score, and much more.

Want to bounce some ideas or questions off our coaches? Give us a call and we'll share our tips and strategies with you! 


Experian: Introduction to Credit Reports

PBS: How Credit Scores are Calculated

Printable Resource Guide:

Resource Guide - Credit Score Improvement


Should I Pay Someone to Repair my Credit?

How Can I Get a Free Copy of My Credit Report?

How to Dispute An Error on Your Credit Report


Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter

Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Printable

Instructions - Cash Flow Worksheet

Printable Expense Tracker