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How Can You Best Prepare to Buy Your Next Home?

Whether it's your first home - or your next home, we have expert resources for preparing your credit and financial situation, and understanding the home buying process as a whole.

Understanding programs such as VA, FHA, Conventional and other programs, as well as understanding how to evaluate a mortgage offer and loan paperwork, are all part of the discussion.

We'll help you determine how much house you can afford, and how to make room for the new payment in your spending plan. Expert resource guides walk you through some of the best resources for home buyers.

Of course, our team of coaches are always right here to talk things over with you and offer new insights and solutions. 


Should I Take a Homebuyer Education Course?

The Difference Between FHA, VA & Conventional Loans

Printable Resource Guide:

Preparing to Buy A Home


HUD Guide to Home Buying and Down Payment Assistance

Real Estate and Home Buying Terminology

5 Risky Mortgage Loans to Avoid

What Kind of Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a Home?


CFPB: Mortgage Monthly Payment Calculator

Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Printable

Instructions - Cash Flow Worksheet

Printable Expense Tracker