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Budget is NOT a Four Letter Word

The idea of budgeting does not always sound fun, does it? But, having a budget (also known as a Spending Plan) is the KEY to financial success. This is true regardless of your current income. The truth is, most of us have never been taught the basics of developing and managing a spending plan, leaving us feeling in the dark about this important part of money management.

Our live coaching team and resources can help you evaluate your current expenses, help you develop financial goals, and set a plan to achieve them. You'll learn the the importance of creating a spending plan and how to "put your money where your values are."

Throughout this module, you'll develop a new confidence your money handling abilities. Regardless of what comes your way financially, you'll have a strategy to handle it head on!


Budget Basics Explained

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Six Steps to a Quick Budget

7 Ways to Save Money On a Tight Budget

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Money Management Apps

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Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

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