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Is the Thought of Paying For College Overwhelming?

College costs can sometimes seem over the top and many families find themselves taking on student debt, thinking that's the only option for affording college.

In this module, we'll explain tools like the FAFSA, and how it can help you afford college, even if you think you won't qualify for financial aid. Plus a custom created resource guide provides resources, explanations and options for covering college costs affordably. Looking for creative ways to find scholarships? We can help you find the right places to research real, legit scholarships and provide some tips for applying and tracking deadlines.

Coming soon: The College Financial Center, a 7-part learning program that walks users through researching, selecting, comparing, getting admitted to and paying for college, all while avoiding student debt wherever possible.

All information is backed up by our Live Financial Coaching team, who can help you understand your specific situation and options better!


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Printable Resource Guides

Resource Guide - Affording College

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5-Page College Planning Checklist

Cash Flow Worksheet - Excel

Cash Flow Worksheet - Printable

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